Is communication the key to deposit disputes?


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Recent research from tenancy deposit protection scheme my|deposits has highlighted the importance of good communication between landlords and tenants at the end of the tenancy.

In the last year 30.1% of notified deposit disputes didn’t proceed to a formal Alternative Dispute Resolution adjudication by the scheme which can partly be attributed to my|deposits asking landlords and tenants to communicate first.

Tim Frome, Legal Services Manager at my|deposits said:

“Whenever we receive notification from the tenant of a potential dispute we always recommend they speak to their landlord first. These figures help show the value of sitting down, talking to your tenant and explaining the reasons for your proposed deductions to the deposit can help lessen the likelihood of a formal deposit dispute. It’s always worth trying to negotiate as using the Scheme’s formal dispute resolution process can take time.”

Tim went onto remind landlords that the deposit, by law, is the tenant’s money.

“If the tenant doesn’t agree with your deductions then they have the right to raise a formal dispute with their deposit scheme to reclaim the deposit money. We want to help landlords and their tenants, which is why I’ve written a guide on how to negotiate.”