Half of tenants not present at check-outs

Almost half of tenants do not attend a check-out at the end of their tenancy, according to the Deposit Protection Service.

During check-outs landlords or their agents record the condition of the property in comparison to when the tenants arrived, and the DPS recommends that tenants attend.

However, 48% of respondents to the DPS’ recent survey of 8,035 tenants said they had not attended.

Some had not attended out of choice but 46% of those who did not attend said they had either not been invited or were not informed of the date or time.

Julian Foster, DPS managing director, said: “Check-outs are one of the most important stages of any tenancy.

“By viewing the property and discussing its condition together, tenants and landlords can resolve problems quickly and help prevent longer disputes, for instance, over the return of the deposit.

“It’s vital that tenants are enabled to attend – and that tenants go along when invited.”