Picture of the Week: Could this be a ‘real’ ghost?

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On a lighter note….

Look at the photograph. See anything? Apparently some people see it straight away and others take a few minutes.

The white figure on the right appears in a completely authentic photo Pickford took of a boiler which happened to be in the totally dark second chamber of a cellar.

There was no lighting of any kind, so he had to hover his finger over the capture button to allow the infra red light on the camera to guide his way.

He took the photo of the boiler, using no flash as that would have bounced off the metal on the boiler and lit up the entire room, and left promptly.

It was only when he got back to the office that he spotted the white figure.

The green light is the LED on the boiler. The white figure looks like a woman bending down, perhaps over a baby in a pram or cot.

A woman in the house is said to have been distraught when her baby died, in around 1910.

Pickford says there is no rational explanation: “I have had a few people look at the picture and nobody can explain how the white image follows the lines it does.”