Tips on maximising your homes value

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With home improvement budgets, especially those dedicated to getting your house ready to sell, under pressure, when is it best to opt for cheap chic, and when should you elect a more customised approach?

Linda Jeffcoat of Stacks Property Search suggests a strategic combination that will pay respect to pressurised budgets without compromising on the overall look.

Linda said: “Extreme spending on bespoke is very unlikely to result in ‘profit’ or even break even when it comes to selling a property.”

But smart spending can raise the game of your home and allow its interior to punch way above its weight. Rather like teaming a pair of old jeans with a good cashmere jumper and great boots and handbag, it’s a question of upping the overall look with the injection of some key ‘pieces’.

Examples would include light switches, door handles, taps, counter tops and bannisters. The trick with your bespoke budget is to spend it on classic items. Don’t be tempted to go high-fashion that will look dated within a couple of years. And remember that bespoke doesn’t have to come from high end retailers – it can mean second hand, vintage and reclaimed.

I would recommend spending most of your bespoke budget on downstairs rooms where it will get its best profile. By the time people see upstairs you will have established the provenance of your property.

One of the biggest bespoke investments you can make is on a handmade kitchen. The advantages of a tailor-made kitchen are enormous – better use of space, and an environment that suits your own specific needs. But the cost can appear stratospheric, especially if you don’t envisage seeing out your years in your home. If you do go down this route, my advice would be to ensure that as much of your new kitchen as possible is freestanding so you can take it with you when you move. This will help you justify the expense, and ease the pain of moving on!

More basic kitchens and bathrooms can be given a bespoke appearance by pushing the boat out on taps, worktops, bespoke shelving and great lighting. The simplest bathroom can be transformed by the careful arrangement of gorgeous towels and aspirational products such as Jo Malone candles; while kitchens will benefit from clutter-free worktops, shelves displaying super-shiny glassware, and well organised professional-looking cooking implements.

Finally, a couple of key pieces will really transform your home. A spectacular bannister, reclaimed shutters, or a vintage wrought iron arch in the garden will provide stand out features that your visitors, or potential purchasers, will remember and aspire to.”