Challenges set for agents to act against rogue landlords

Increasingly there is pressure on letting agents to challenge rogue landlords attempting to let less than satisfactory properties.

Agents should help stamp out the rogues, call

Tuesday 9th October 2012

Agents should challenge rogue landlords and refuse to accept properties in poor condition.

Sally Randall, deputy director of private housing at Communities and Local Government, also said agents should join SAFEagent and make clear to consumers the benefits of using a reputable agent.

Randall, a hastily arranged last-minute substitute for a civil servant colleague, delivered an outstanding speech at the NALS conference.

She also called on agents to ‘rise to the challenge’ of managing large portfolios, suggesting that this could be a realistic future role for them as build to let schemes come on stream.

PS: LAT says that if you missed last week’s NALS conference, you missed out on what was probably the best industry event for some years.

Unlike many conferences your reporter has stoically sat through, it was refreshingly devoid of navel gazing and back-slapping, delivering instead a genuinely interesting and thought-provoking look at the market.