Tom 1

This week Allen Residential has welcomed Tom Hale  to the office on work experience from Norton Hill School.

After the initial office introductions, a guided tour, a  risk assessment and establishing the all important who supports what team! Tom quickly settled in and was ready to start his week in the world of an Estate Agent.

Tom accompanied Damien and James on numerous appraisals and viewings and has been shown the ropes of taking a property to the market – including floor plans!

On the lettings side  Tom has assisted Dawn and Sarah and really got stuck in with some archive filing as well as speaking to tenants and landlords in person and by phone. Covering general office duties Tom has also experienced Banking and PR.

This is what Tom had to say about his experience with the Allen Residential Team;

My time here has allowed me to have more of an idea about what I would like to do when I leave school as I was unsure at the start of the week. This week has allowed me to realise that I would probably prefer to work in an office rather than anywhere else, which is where I have been this week.

Overall I have enjoyed my time here as everyone is very helpful and friendly and they have given me an insight into what it is like working as an estate agent and what it is like to be in an office.

I now have a much larger understanding about what estate agents do as they evaluate properties, show people round and deal with landlords and tenancies, which I knew nothing about before coming here.

It’s been a pleasure having Tom on board and all the team at Allen Residential wish him well in whatever his future career choice may be.